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AICO Furniture is one of our best-selling lines here at Carolina Rustica; designed by Michael Amini, homeowners appreciate the luxury furnishings, romantic ideals, and practical applications behind AICO Furniture. In the fashion-forward industry of home décor, his furniture designs have consistently proven to be best-sellers with individuals, designers, and hospitality. He has an obvious flair for the dramatic, using oversize design elements, unusual materials, and technology. This wonderful fusion is what makes him so popular...his designs and collaborations with Jane Seymour make AICO the hottest furniture brand name today. From the gorgeous lines of Palais Royale to the retro sophistication of Hollywood Swank, the Amini-Seymour partnership has been taking furniture showrooms by storm.

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AICO excels in original designs for the bedroom, living room and dining room, but they also specialize in upholstery and top of bed designs that are created for those expect luxury, romantic appeal, and striking aesthetic elements in all of their home decor. From intricately carved headboards to velvet and cedar-lined drawers to the comforter and throw pillows on your bed, Michael Amini offers you everything to complete a room design that will be sure to please. They have also re-introduced their office furniture collection, which brings a particular AICO perspective to home office furnishings.

Collection Highlights:

AICO Hollywood Swank CollectionHollywood Swank - This gorgeous collection is the epitome of opulent elegance. The clean trio of silver, white and ivory creates a sophisticated and clean look that you will adore for years to come. This is perhaps the most popular Michael Amini / Jane Seymour collaboration, and can be found in upscale furniture showrooms across the country.


AICO Lavelle Blanc CollectionLavelle Blanc - The Lavelle Blanc collection features a rustic white finish, scalloped edges with baroque lines…this old world French design continues to grow in popularity because it has a chic twist depicting a hip, couture feel. Lavelle is adorned with a glazed metallic tipping that highlights the traditional carvings.


AICO Villa Valencia CollectionVilla Valencia - The Villa Valencia canopy bed, with its towering, massive columns and intertwining sculpture, is truly a masterpiece of construction and design, a majestic piece of furniture that we have found with no other suppliers. It is one of AICO’s most luxurious groups, since it uses many different elements and combines stone with wood in a Classic Chestnut finish, but it also continues to be a best-seller.


AICO Cortina CollectionCortina - The Cortina collection has proven to be a huge success and it's easy to see why. The graceful and bold curves of this collection draw inspiration from its namesake, the mountains of the Italian city of Cortina d'Ampezzo.  The Cortina bedroom is an Amini furniture design that features a dramatic, large scale, but it is also flowing and presents a gentle Honey Walnut finish.


AICO Chateau Beauvais CollectionChateau Beauvais – One of the most elaborate designs imagined by Michael Amini, Chateau Beauvais is distinguished by pierced carvings, intricate inlaid marquetry, bombe shaping, and a duo tone finish called Noble Bark. It is a stunning reinterpretation of French Rococo, which emerged in the late 17th century and is distinguished by asymmetrical compositions, undulating lines, elaborate carving and S-curves incorporated into the comfort and beauty of the furniture.


AICO Palais Royale CollectionPalais Royale - The Palais Royale® collection is reminiscent of the elaborate detailing of the classic French Rococo styling with its intricate veneer work, undulating curves and exuberant floral embellishments. French Rococo came to creation during the late 17th and late 18th centuries, with the word originating from a combination of the French word "rocaille," or shell, and the Italian "barocco," or Baroque style. It is most well known for its use of asymmetrical compositions, undulating lines, and S-curves. Rococo furniture took on a role of comfort and versatility, and Palais Royale® follows the example. Throughout the collection, the accent furniture pieces can be moved from room to room, seamlessly blending into the décor. As well, each piece has been carefully designed for maximum comfort.

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