Bob Timberlake Furniture

A professional artist and designer in the American realist style, Bob Timberlake is renowned for lifelike depictions of his rural North Carolina home. His 1990 The World of Bob Timberlake home furnishings line pioneered the eclectic, lifestyle furniture look and remains the world's best-selling furniture brand.

Bob Timberlake furnishings are as contemporary as they are rooted in history, as inviting as they are beautiful. Attention to detail, quality, craftsmanship, and deep, warm finishes underlie the feeling of retreat and relaxation that characterize furnishings from America's best-selling furniture brand. Eighteenth-century and arts and crafts help you create a look of authentic, stylish comfort.

A lifelong North Carolina native, Bob Timberlake began his art career at age 33 when encouraged by fellow artist Andrew Wyeth to devote himself to painting full time. An avid collector, Bob surrounds himself with decoys, enamelware, canoes, birdhouses, quilts, and other icons of rural America, which then become the subject of his sought-after American realist paintings. Bob's warm personality and love of folk art, craftsmanship, and history are an integral part of his everyday world...and of this, his original furniture collection.