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Some Helpful Information On Choosing A Table

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Cafe or Pub? Bar or Bistro? When you're choosing chairs, it can be confusing to tell which type of chair is appropriate for your table type. Below we've compiled some information to help you choose a the right chair for your table.

Cafe Table Cafe Table: A small table 29" to 30" high that uses regular or cafe dining chairs. The diameter top is 30" to about 36". This is also sometimes called a "cafe pub table"; however, if the chairs you need are designed for this height of table, chances are its actually a cafe table.
Bistro and Pub Tables Bistro or Pub Table: A table that is 35" to 36" high and uses counter stools. Counter stools are 25" to 26" high at the seat. Different manufacturers may use bistro or pub interchangeably, but it means the same thing.
Bar Tables Bar Table: A table that is 39" to 41" high and uses bar stools. Bar stools are 29" to 31" high at the seat. You may also see a bar table called a bar table a "Tall Pub Table", but we stick with "bar table" for consistency.

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