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Our wrought iron table bases range from the elaborate and elegant to the simple and sturdy. One common thing you will find, however, is the level of quality in craftsmanship. Topped with marble, glass, or wood, these table bases can take on a variety of styles and characteristics to match any possible decor and every possible lifestyle. We hope this article helps you decide which options and configurations are best for you. We use the terminology "Dining Table" and "Kitchen Table" interchangeably, since the same exact table can easily work in both environments. It is just a matter of choice!


The reality is that there are as many styles of dining tables as you can possibly imagine. We have tried to categorize styles according to the most popular choices.


The first issue with table configuration is size of the top. Your table choice should be determined by the number of people who will be using it and the amount of use it will get. If you are purchasing a dining table for the kitchen, guaranteed that table will get daily, heavy use! Therefore, you want to get a size that will accomodate the comings and goings of your family. Sometimes there may be just one person there, but other times the whole family may be congregated around the table. It is best to plan for as heavy use as possible when considering a kitchen table, while not getting a table too imposing to the point that it becomes impractical. When considering a kitchen table, it is better to consider the amount of use rather then getting the largest size possible.


For configurations, you may want to consider a round or oval-top table, which allows people to easily move about the table and provides pleny of table top room.


However, if you are considering a dining table for a more formal environment such as a dining room, then consider that this table will not get as much traffic and may only be used for dinner parties, etc. You will want to accomodate a larger number of people for these occasions, and therefore a rectangular top may be more appropriate. Of course, an extension table could be used for both kitchen and dining rooms, and is a great solution if you plan on doing all of your daily eating and entertaining in the same room.


The next issue regarding the dining table top is the choice of material. Wood, glass, stone and mosiac are the most popular choices (in that order). Wood tops are extremely practical, and we have a huge variety of wood types, finishes, and construction options.


***Please note that we do not ship extremely large pieces of glass or stone due to breakage. However, you can very easily go to a local marble, stone, or glass dealership for very large pieces, particularly if you have a specific shape or pattern in mind.


Carolina Rustica features one of the most expanisive and varied collections of fine dining tables available anywhere. The manufacturers listed below do most or all of their manufacturing in the U.S., and their products lines are destined to become family heirlooms.

Charleston Forge, Stone County Ironworks

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