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Luxury Furniture Deals from North Carolina

Designer Rewards Program

Designer Program Lifestyle ShotWelcome to the Designer Rewards Program for Carolina Rustica and our family of websites. As a member, you will enjoy benefits like:

  • • 10% - 15% discount with our Tier Program*
  • • Personalized Service
  • • Access to our expansive line of brands
  • • Exclusive sale and promotions for you and your clients

Designer Rewards Tier Program
*Discount tiers refer to purchases made during a 12-month period (year to be measured from membership start date). Once a new tier amount is reached, the new discount rate goes into effect for 12 months.

Member Benefits:

  • • No minimum purchase required
  • • We process the orders, set up delivery, and handle customer service so you can focus on design and building your clientele
  • • All of our products can be found online with detailed descriptions and pictures giving you instant, 24-hour access. Can't get on the internet? Contact the Designer Rewards Manager directly or contact our Sales staff 7 days a week by phone or chat
  • • With our detailed "Narrow Your Search" toolbar, you can find your product in seconds, giving you more time to devote to your clients' needs

Did you know...
  • - Our family of websites get over 10 million active home furnishing shoppers per year
  • - We've been in business for over 15 years, have about 100 employees and sell $10's of millions in merchandise

Start Your Membership!

Apply Online providing one or more documents from this list:
  • • Business license # with your trade name
  • • Resale Certificate # with your trade name
  • • Designer certification & proof of professional affiliation
  • • Website and/or advertisement

Apply Online Today!

Contact: Sherry Anderson - Designer Rewards Manager
Phone: 800-205-7819 ext. 1011
Fax: 704-786-1662