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Our collection of iron and wood dining room furniture now includes collections from Charleston Forge, Bauer International, Bago Luma, and other fine manufacturers. From iron dining chairs to wood-top extension tables, you will find our selection includes many varieties and options for creating the perfect dining room furniture arrangement.


Designing with iron and wood: Finding the design that works for you.

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Interior home design has undergone an information explosion in the last few years, and designers, architects and consumers all realize the innumerable creative possibilities that wrought iron offers for the dining room, as well as kitchen eat-in areas. Perhaps the single most important reason for iron dining room furniture growing in popularity is that it fits in with almost any decor. Iron dining chairs and side chairs can take on the look of Transitional styling with clean flowing lines complimented by neutral upholstery patterns. Many customers still prefer the classic traditional look, with large iron scrolls and classic blacksmithing techniques combined with a wood top dining table or wood saddleseat arm chair. Some of this traditional design is heavily influenced by European styling, such as classic French design. Another popular design influence is Tuscan design from the heart of Italy.

Some design styles that we feature on our site for dining room furniture are supported more by wood construction than iron. Some of our wood dining furniture is made by Bauer International, and features the stunning fusion of European design with indigenous style influence from far-flung colonies. This style is call Plantation, and is a great choice for a more formal dining room. It brings to mind images of fancy dinner parties with ladies and gentlemen arranged around a large table, with the finest silver and crystal tableware, fans wafting overhead.

Many younger buyers prefer the casual lifestyle look of Mission furniture, also known as Arts & Crafts style,or Prairie style. Clean straight lines arrayed in parallel structure distinguish the Mission look. It is also a very practical design for a dining room, as it can blend into Transitional design quite easily. One possible variation on the Mission style is known as Architectural style, which is distinguished by an almost inside-out perspective, wherein the internal structure of the design is actually the basis for the style itself. In other words, picture the Eiffel Tower, which is beautiful because the structure of the tower is the design itself.

So there is almost an overwhelming amount of choices available to the consumer with regards to dining room decorating with wrought iron. You can find iron furnishings in local single-location furniture stores, in larger chain stores, in catalogs, and of course, on the internet. With all these options, it can quickly become overwhelming as there are so many different levels of quality and options. Carolina Rustica can help you with your dining room furniture buying because we represent high-end manufacturers only, with a broad array of styles for every taste.

With almost 40 manufacturers represented, we take much of the guesswork out of buying iron furnishings. Premier American manufacturers like Charleston Forge, Bauer International, and Stone County Ironworks are well represented here on our site, with a broad cross-section of products ranging from baker's racks to iron beds, from chandeliers to wrought-iron barstools and occasional tables. In fact, with 4,000 products to choose from in easy to navigate product categories, you could easily accent your entire home in iron through our site (and people do!).

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