Counter Height Dining Tables

Counter Height Dining Tables (also called Pub Tables or Bistro Tables)
There are three basic standards for the height of kitchen or dining tables and each style of table certainly has its place in how your dining room or kitchen is configured. The first and most popular is the standard dining room table height of approximately 30 in. This height is where you find the vast majority of all dining table styles, whether it is a farmhouse-style table, trestle table, pedestal table or trestle table. The height is designed to allow for a comfortable distance from the tabletop surface for eating, and should allow for most side chairs to fit comfortably beneath it. Dining chair seat heights usually range from 19 in. to 21 in. The second height is that of a bistro table, also called counter height (and sometimes even called "pub height") and measures approximately 36 in. high. The most important aspect of the bistro table is that the height can accommodate counter stools, which usually have a seat height from 24 in. to 26 in. (see the diagram at left). Bistro table and stool sets lend themselves beautifully to smaller dining spaces and breakfast areas and adding a set to your home entertainment area can create a homey, pub atmosphere.