Frequently Asked Questions About Carolina Rustica

Q: Do you offer any type of financing?
A: We are able to accept accounts currently registered through Synchrony HOME, one of the most widely recognized consumer goods financing companies. Please call us at 800-205-7819 or visit Synchrony HOME financing for more details.


Q: Why do I have to call or request for prices?
A: Carolina Rustica is committed to our suppliers and we respect their marketing policies. The internet has changed the dynamics of furniture shopping, and many high-end manufacturers do not want prices shown to minimize the disruption to their valued dealer networks. As a stocking dealer as well as an online retailer, we appreciate the value these policies have in keeping a "level playing field" among all dealers. Please note that we can respond to email requests for pricing if you leave us your telephone contact information. We are unable to respond to quote requests in writing, due to these same manufacturer restrictions.


Q: Do you have coupons or special offers?
A: Our online prices are the lowest allowable by our valued manufacturers, so in many cases, we are unable to offer further discounts (see our Carolina Rustica Price Match Guarantee. However, we do have ongoing coupons available for select manufacturers that do not have pricing restrictions, or for our own Iron Artistica line. These can be found on many of the most popular coupon sites on the internet. Also, if you sign up for our newsletter, we have specials available to newsletter subscribers only (click here to subscribe). Lastly, look in our Clearance Section for the absolute best deals possible on discontinued items or cancelled orders!


Q: What if I find the same product for less at a store or another website?
A: We have recently implemented the Carolina Rustica Price Match Guarantee. Here at Carolina Rustica, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of high-end home furnishings and lighting at great prices and supported by outstanding customer service. However, recognize that we must always be competitive in order to win, and keep, your business. Therefore, we have implemented a Price Match Guarantee for most products sold online. If you find a lower price online before or after you place your order, we will match this amount contingent on the following criteria:

  • Carolina Rustica will match any price from any competing website for a period of up to five business days from the original date of your order.
  • Price matching will be honored relative to online distributors ONLY.
  • All fees and charges will be accounted for in calculating your total cost with a competitor. This would include shipping costs, restocking fee and return restrictions.
  • Most importantly, Carolina Rustica is a strict adherent to the policies and minimum prices recommended by our manufacturers and suppliers. Our suppliers are our partners and we do not "cheat" on minimum pricing.

Please copy and paste the website address (URL) from your browser into an email and send to before or after your purchase and we will review this information and respond immediately. If you have a quote from another online dealer, you can simply forward that to us.



Q: What are Lead Times all about?
A: Lead times are the estimated time it takes from when you place your order to the time it gets delivered to the customer. These are our best estimations based on what the manufacturer tells us it will be, plus the time it takes for us to process the order and the manufacturer to process the order and ship it. Delivery times can also vary depending on the shipper, time of year and weather conditions to and from the shipping areas. We strive to place accurate lead times on our site in each of the product details. Again, these our the best estimations based on the information we have on hand.


Q: Why does it take so long to get my furniture?
A: In most cases furniture ordered from Carolina Rustica is crafted just for you! When you place an order with us, we turn around and order it from the manufacturer, many of whom keep basic frames and parts on hand but not fully crafted furniture. The artisans will then configure the furniture piece(s) just for your order. When it's ready our delivery company will go pick it up and take it back to their warehouse. Then they have to schedule a route going through your area, since we're based in North Carolina, these routes can take weeks to come together, especially if you live far from us and/or in a remote area. While we enjoy seclusion as well, please understand that it effects our ability to get to you quickly!


Q: What if something goes wrong with shipping?
A: Please see our shipping section for detailed information on shipping your order. We have many years' experience in shipping furniture and lighting across the country and will make sure that the shipping aspect of your order goes as smoothly as possible.


Q: What is your return policy?
A: Customers have the option of returning orders, but since we sell some extremely large and expensive items, our policies are designed to be fair to both you and us. Please see our Customer Service section on Returns and Cancellations for detailed information.


Canadian Flag Q: Do you ship to Canada?
A: Sorry, we no longer offer shipping to Canada.


Q: Is Carolina Rustica a "Green" company?
A: Carolina Rustica is absolutely committed to doing its part in being a good steward of the earth. We have several initiatives in place to make sure we reduce waste, re-use wherever possible, and recycle our disposables. These initiatives are in place as a matter of daily practice, and they are summarized by our mantra of Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle. Please click here to read all about our Green practices and how they are part of our daily operations.

Our commitment to the environment is also closely tied to our own suppliers and manufacturers...We are quick to recognize those suppliers that make a concerted effort to manage environmental manners as an integral part of their business. These companies have policies in place to ensure the environmental integrity of their manufacturing processes. They share our business culture of a deep respect for the fragility of our environment and the limited nature of the resources that we all consume. Some of these outstanding partners are John Boos, Hubbardton Forge, Wesley Allen, and Palecek.


Q: What other assurances do you have that the furniture will meet my expectations?
A: Every day, we ship furniture, beds, and lighting all over the country. Most of our customers buy from us "sight unseen" because of our detailed product knowledge, product descriptions, and unconditional customer satisfaction pledge. We stand behind our wrought iron furniture 100%, and want to make sure you have a good experience doing business with us.


Q: Why buy from Carolina Rustica?
A: Over the twenty years we have been in continuous operation, we have developed an outstanding portfolio of leading brands in the field of furniture and lighting. We feel truly proud and honored to represent companies such as Wesley Allen, Amini Furniture, Barcalounger, and many, many more. It is our belief that you will find no finer furnishings, home accents, or lighting products anywhere for such competitive pricing. We strive to make your purchase as easy as possible, from our great customer service staff to our product guarantees. We want to provide you with as much information as possible before your purchase. It is our belief that an educated customer is a happy customer, and to that end we try to provide as much product information as possible on our site. Please take a look at our Customer Service Policies to see how this ethos is put into action.


Q: When will my credit card be charged?
A: When you order through our shopping cart or over the phone, in most cases you will be charged in full. We regularly check stock with our manufacturers to assure that the product will be available for shipment to you within a reasonable time frame. Estimated lead times are posted on the product information page. However, some items with custom-ordered finishes, fabrics or other upgrades may take longer. In those cases where there is a longer than normal lead time due to customization or a back-order situation with the manufacturer, we may agree to charge you 50% when you place the order and 50% when the order is picked up by our delivery service. When the order is delivered to you, it will be 100% paid in advance and no money will be exchanged at the time of delivery.


Q: What about site security? How will you protect my information?
A: The security and integrity of our site, our processes, and our people is one of our top priorities. Due to greater concern of identity theft and unauthorized use of credit card information, we have dedicated an entire page to these issue which you can find by clicking on this link. We have also passed an extensive security audit mandated by our card processing banks. This audit examined both our physical (office) security and our systems security.
We DO NOT sell, lease, or make available to third parties your personal information. This information is kept internally, although we may use it to send occasional newsletters or special offers. You can very easily opt out of these infrequent emails if you wish. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information. When you transmit your information to us via the internet, it is via an encrypted server on the last page where your card information is actually input. If you cannot see the small yellow lock on that page, you should activate your status bar under "View" in your Explorer options. We use a 128-bit encrypted server with an SSL certificate (your guarantee of safe shopping) issued by Verisign, the leader in SSL Certification.
We also physically protect your information from being misused. We are a small company of ten employees, all carefully screened before employment. Customer information is kept in locked files with limited accessibility, and our office is fully alarmed. Customer card information is destroyed in a shredder when we have processed your transaction. We are probably more secure than many other business who collect such information.


Q: There is a supplier (or product) I am interested in but I don't see it on your site. Can you still get it for me?
A: Some of our best suppliers were recommended to us by our customers! So yes, most likely we can get the product you are looking for. With our national distribution and growing business, we are increasingly able to negotiate with non-regular suppliers to get the product you want. At a minimum, we will try to help you find it elsewhere if we cannot get it for you. If you are looking for a product from an existing supplier on our site, and cannot find it, please inquire by calling 800-205-7819. It may be discontinued or it may be a new product we have not put on our site yet.


Q: Do you sell components or replacement parts?
A: It is our policy to sell components or replacement parts to existing customers. Replacement parts sales are extremely time-consuming and we do this as a service for our existing customers. We do not replace P & P seats if bought through another dealer, nor do we replace lighting or kitchen components when the item is purchase through another dealer other than Carolina Rustica.


Q: What if I realize that I want inside delivery of my order?
A: More often than not, shipping furniture from Carolina Rustica includes inside, white-glove delivery for your furniture order (smaller items, including lighting and ceiling fans, may ship via UPS). We subsidize this service for you, charging flat rates to different parts of the country and paying the difference ourselves, we feel this alleviates the confusion around shipping costs and different levels of service. There are however, some manufacturers that dropship directly via curbside truckline shipments, including Wesley Allen. We are able to upgrade these deliveries upon request for a nominal fee, we believe the upgraded service is definitely worth the price!


Q: Do you sell to the trade (designers, architects, etc)?
A: Absolutely, but you need to provide us with proper documentation. Please call us at 800-205-7819 for more information.


Q: What if I want actual samples of the iron or wood finish?
A: We get hundreds of requests for finish samples for customers who would like to "touch and feel" before they make their purchase. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to mail out actual physical samples to all those who desire them. In many cases, our suppliers simply do not make samples, as the digital photography they use is very accurate. We want to make sure our customers make the right choices, and will do everything we can to provide you with descriptions to help make that process easier. In limited situations, we can mail out samples, but the varies with suppliers and availability. You must have already placed an order to receive a sample.


Q: What if I decide I don't want the product when I receive it?
A: We highly recommend that if you have doubts about your order, you cancel it before it is shipped. Otherwise, if you refuse the shipment when it arrives, you will be responsible for all shipping costs and a possible restocking fee. We will refund you the product cost less these charges. Please see our Customer Service section on Returns and Cancellations for more information.


Q: My order was declined. Why?
A: There are two possibilities. The first is that there is a mismatch between your actual billing address and what you have input into the order form. This is known as an AVS mismatch. An AVS mismatch can also occur if the CVV code (the three or four digit number on your card that is not part of the actual credit card number) is not input accurately.
It is important to understand that in the event of an AVS mismatch, your credit card may still be authorized for the purchase amount. An authorization is NOT a purchase. No funds have been charged to your card, but rather, the those funds has been temporarily made unavailable. This funding hold will be removed after five (5) to seven (7) days. This is the issuing bank (your credit card issuer) policy to first authorize then funding hold and then verify address information with our payment processor, If your purchase transaction has not been successful due to an AVS mismatch, we can release this funding hold by calling your issuing bank, but you will need to provide us with complete contact information.
The second reason for a declined order is unavailable funds. Your purchase may exceed your card-issuing banks credit limit. In the case of debit cards, you may have a daily spending limitation imposed by your issuing bank.