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Although the hearth is no longer the focal point of today's modern home, it is still a gathering point when the fireplace is aglow. Radiating warmth, it brings us together, and brings us back to simpler times. Our wrought iron fire tools, andirons, fire screens, and log baskets are all hand-forged using traditional blacksmith techniques. Most fireplace tools are available with matching firescreens and log holders.


When we watch a fire glowing in the hearth, it is almost always through a fireplace screen. The fireplace screen frames our hearth and protects our home from errant sparks. It stands to reason that this important iron accent should large, encompassing, and a delight to look at in its own right. Our hand-forged wrought-iron fireplace screens are just that. Crafted with traditional blacksmith techniques, these fire place screens also match our firetool collections and our log holders and baskets. Firebacks have been in homes for centuries, and for good reason. They serve several important functions, like protecting the interior of the fireplace against excessive heat and they radiate that heat back out into the living space, where you want it. They can also be a highly decorative item, with elaborate castings and engravings, which look captivating as the flames dance in front of them. Perhaps your fireplace needs a little more dressing than others, or maybe you are looking for hearth accessories that serve a specific function (like slow cooking, for example). Choose from one of our Fireplace Cranes or our Firelighters! Our fireplace accoutrements shown here can fill a variety of functions and will last for years to come.

Cypher Firescreen from Achla

Cottage Fireplace Combo Tool Set and Log Rack

As much as we love to just watch the fires burning in our hearth, they need to be managed. We poke, prod, and shift the logs around in the hopes of getting our fires to burn bigger and brighter. This hasn't changed for centuries, nor has the basic design of fire tools themselves. We have tongs, shovels, forks, and brooms to rearrange our burning masterpiece. Ours are all hand-forged in thick iron to last for years, even if our fire is but a fleeting memory. Our iron log basket and log holders are the perfect alternative to stacking up a pile of wood next to the fireplace. Designed with traditional hearth styles in mind, our log baskets and log carriers help organize the hearth and make our work around the fire easier. Imagine going out to the woodpile with your leather wood carrier and just setting down inside the log basket. Your work is done, and more time to enjoy the fire! Combo Log & Tool Racks by Enclume, Pilgrim and Adams will enhance the hearth ara as well as being a convenient accessory for holding your tools and firewood in one place. Choose from any style or size! You will surely find something that will suite your decor.


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