Pot Rack Installation Instructions

Installing a Ceiling-Mounted Pot Rack

1. Set the pot rack on the floor or island surface in a position relative to its final mounting position on the ceiling.

2. Use a plumb-bob (or string and small weight) to align and mark spots on the ceiling that are vertically above the chain hanging location on the pot rack. By using this method you will be able to locate and mark points on the ceiling where the ceiling hooks will be installed. You also can hold the unit directly up to the ceiling and have a helper mark the locations of the mounting ceiling hooks with a pencil.

3. Drill a small 1/8" pilot hole in the ceiling at each ceiling hook location mark to see if you are on a joist location. This will determine whether you should use wood screw adapters or a plaster/drywall toggle. A larger 5/8" hole will be required if you use the drywall toggle adapters to fix your ceiling hooks to the ceiling.

4. It is most desirable to mount your ceiling hooks into solid wood (i.e., through the ceiling into the joists above). If this is not possible for the rack loaction you need and you have access the to attic above the kitchen, you can nail additional 2 x 4 cross-bracing support between your ceiling joists where needed so the hooks are fixed to wood in all locations. You may have to push a 'locator' wire through each small drilled hole so you can find the location for your bracing from above. The fiberglass ceiling insulation may also need to be moved to accommodate any additional wood bracing installed.

Another method is the use a ceiling mounting plate, either wood or metal, which is sized properly to be centered over the area from which you wish to hang your rack. Secure the plate through the ceiling to the joist-work with long wood screws. Then your ceiling hooks for the rack chain may be fixed to the plate in appropriate locations from which to hang your rack.

if neither bracing between the joists nor use of a ceiling mounting plate is feasible, the assembly with properly installed toggle adapters in the ceiling will hold up to 40 lbs. of pot and pans. Note that chain are not required to vertically, buy may be angled outward from the rack., if necessary. It is NOT recommended that they be angled inward toward the rack's middle.

Wall Mount Pot Rack

Installing a Wall-Mounted Pot Rack

Hold the rack up to the wall in the desired location and mark the location of the screw holes (or mounting ring) with a pencil. Drive a small awl or very small Phillips head screw driver through the marks for the mounting holes to see if you are at a stud location. If no stud work is available at the pilot hole location, use a wall anchor for maximum strength. Place the unit over the holes or anchors, align and install the supplied screws. Your rack is now ready for use.


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