Safeguarding Your Information at Carolina Rustica

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Safeguarding your information
Recently, the security of personal and financial information has attracted media scrutiny due to large-scale identity thefts. These unfortunate situations occurred at all sorts of institutions, from national banks, to credit card processors…even to credit rating agencies that are supposed to be safeguarding your information. These events occurred because of several reasons, but it all comes down to careless storage of information, lack of processes, and unethical company insiders.


We want to directly address these concerns to you, our customers, to assure you that your information is secure with us on several levels. We are a small company with systems and safeguards in-place that protect your financial and personal information. Your trust in us is an important part of our business relationship, and we want to identify for you specifically what we do to keep that trust. We must first distinguish between the two types of information we collect from you in order to process your information. The first is electronic information, when you order online. The second type is physical (paper) information we use when taking your order via telephone. We do not sanction email or fax ordering if credit card information is involved.


Electronic Information:
There are two components concerning how we treat your information conveyed via our secure server. The first component is how your information is actually transmitted. Your order is sent to us via our shopping cart. Specifically, the last page, where your card information is actually input, is hosted on a secure server with 256-bit encryption. This provides the highest degree of security for the transmission of your information.

Your credit card information is then transmitted to Nuvei, one of the leading gateway payment processors operating today. Nuvei uses the absolute highest degree of data encryption, and you can read more about their processes and security here.

The second component of Electronic Information Security is what we intentionally do with your information. We gather your contact information (email address, primarily) from your order form, inquiry form, or newsletter signup. We DO NOT sell, lease, or make available to third parties this personal information, or any other information about you or your order. This information is kept internally, although we may use it to send occasional newsletters or special offers. You can very easily opt out of these infrequent emails if you wish. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information.


Physical Information:
The second type of information we may have is your physical (i.e “paper-based”) information that we have taken from a telephone order (about half our orders are online, half are called in). We physically protect your information from being misused. Carolina Rustica is a small company of a dozen employees, all carefully screened before employment. We work closely with each other and most of us know or recognize individual customer names. We have a showroom, office, and warehouse. Customer information for telephone orders is destroyed immediately after processing. We are more secure than many other businesses who collect such information.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this very important issue, please email us at Customer Service, attn: Site Security. Here at Carolina Rustica, we consider your trust in us to be the singular most important measure of our business. We will always operate with honesty and your security as our foremost concern.