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Classic Portfolio Bedroom Continental

Crossing oceans and cultures, Continental pairs the best of the Old World with hints of exoticism. Decorative details such as hand-carved accents, gently shaped fronts and canted corners further reveal Continental’s European influences. While Continental may whisper far-flung traditions mixed with timeless treasures, it is grounded in the realities of today. You will find it scaled for everyday use, in finishes that are casually beautiful. Ebony mingles an undertone of relaxation with an air of elegance, while Barrel imparts a timeworn charm that is equally compelling. Both finishes offer an unpretentious statement for your bedroom. Great products, great finishes, great scale, great design—these make up the heart and soul of Continental and all of The Classic Portfolio. No matter what room in your home, when you want the finest in quality and style, there is no better foundation.

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