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If life is a celebration of family and friends, then these traditional values should also be reflected in our homes. This sense of permanence conveys a feeling of timeless elegance and craftsmanship. Just like these attributes, traditional styling represents timeless treasures that pass from our generation to generation. So many of Stanley’s furniture collections contain authentic details, a sense of history, but a relevance to today’s living. From Louis Phillipe to Continental to European-inspired design, Traditional design encompasses a universe of possibilities with all of the elements for gracious living.

Here are Stanley Collections that we consider to be in the Traditional family, or have a strong Traditional influence:

Stanley Arrondissement Furniture Stanley City Club Furniture Stanley Classic Portfolio British Colonial Furniture Stanley Classic Portfolio Louis Phillipe Furniture
Arrondisement City Club Classic Portfolio British Colonial Classic Portfolio Louis Phillipe
Stanley Costa Del Sol Furniture Stanley European Farmhouse Furniture Stanley Grand Continental Furniture  
Costa Del Sol European Farmhouse Grand Continental  

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